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Addiction takes one’s original life away, making addicts become a shadow of themselves. Addiction in itself is clinging to a bad habit or different types of substance abuse. The person who is addicted to a particular behavior or abuses illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, and the likes, finds it difficult to stop.

Drug or alcohol addicts do not have the necessary moral, mental and physical strength to stop the addiction. Hence, help from family and friends and, most importantly, rehabilitation centers’ professional intensive therapy services will go a long way. One of such therapies offered in rehabilitation centers is an intensive outpatient treatment where the patient is not required to live in the facility.


Our intensive outpatient program at Florida is a luxury rehab center in Florida that offers treatment to drug and alcohol addicts within a well built, attractive, and serene environment run by a dedicated staff. The center offers group and individual therapy from which individuals can choose.

There is also the live-in service called inpatient therapy and counseling, which helps much more advanced drug and alcohol addicts to gain sobriety by allowing them to live within the facility. Only a few Florida addiction treatment center is as highly concentrated as ours. Our staff adheres to the rules and regulations guiding the treatment of individuals battling one form of addiction or the other.

The therapy and counseling we offer to drug and alcohol addicts as a group are second to none. We create an enabling environment for them to interact and support each other. The togetherness helps them to achieve much more sobriety than when doing it alone. They can either decide to receive treatment from home or live in the center. Those who come from home can join the group therapy or choose to individualize their treatment. They are assessed both as patients and individuals, depending on their group or individual drug addiction needs. Recommendations are made based on the assessments.


The program is not designed to be a one-off event. Nobody can recover from any form of addiction in one day or even one week; it takes a lot of time for the recovery to be consolidated. And this is because different addicts have different therapeutic needs. So, each patient chooses some days of the week for appointments with our dedicated staff. In relating with the staff, there are some guidelines new patients must abide by during the period of therapy and counseling.  

It does not take away their rights and the demand for their reasonable expectations to be met. Success is our motto; we will drive it until we meet your set goals and ours. We’ve built our structure to be the best rehab center in Florida, and it is for that purpose that we train our staff to resolve difficulties our patients and newly sober patients encounter in a friendly manner.

We engage them in substance abuse interactions and programs geared towards making them sober because we know recovering from substance abuse is a long term goal, especially for intensive outpatient program patients. The patient needs time to adapt to sobriety, and so we earmark quite a long time for the patient’s permanent recovery.

Intensive outpatient programs are suitable for patients who have not had any form of relapse in the past. It is good for those who are recently addicted to drugs and alcohol and have a good environment that supports their recovery. Addiction IOP in Florida is flexible such that you can still engage in your daily routine while continuing the recovery.


Addiction and inpatient drug rehab costs a lot due to the long time and expertise involved. However, we offer the lowest price among the top rehab centers in Florida because we are compassionate experts in the business of health improvement, which reflects in the quality of life our ex-patients lead.

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Addiction Iop Florida

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Addiction Iop Florida

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