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Many patients are looking for Partial Hospitalization Programs in Florida, thanks to their effectiveness. These new rehabilitation strategies have proved to be equally, if not more, successful than traditional practices. At Florida Springs, we understand that, and we have developed an innovative program specially designed for your needs.

Florida Springs is regarded as one of Florida’s greatest luxury rehab centers, as our team of professionals is among the finest in the country. Our desire is for you or your loved one to overcome addiction in the most comforting way and start living a life of sobriety and wellbeing. 

Our Partial Hospitalization Program aims at those who have already beaten the hardest part of addiction and want to become ill-free. Keep reading to find out how we do it and why our patients aren’t wrong when saying we are the best rehab center in Florida.

But first, for those who aren’t aware of how this program works, let’s sum up the key aspects.

Partial Hospitalization Program: a dynamic path to wellbeing

Among the reasons why Florida Springs is considered one of the top rehab centers in FL is our PHP program. This innovative program encompasses a strategically designed therapeutic program with a core goal of top professional assistance when transitioning from intense psychiatric treatment to a much less aggressive approach to addiction therapy.

This treatment aims to prevent any future hospitalizations related to drug-usage as is aimed to fulfill each personal requirement of the patient according to their needs. Through this non-intrusive approach, studies have found patients recover a great part of their independence and responsibility when attacking and beating addiction behaviors.

What can Florida Springs offer transitioning patients?

At our Florida addiction treatment center, we offer all of our patients a path towards a life of sobriety. To accomplish that, we provide each individual patient with unique assistance that considers their personal circumstances. That’s where our PHP program’s flexibility has proven to be so successful.

The main difference between conventional treatment and PHP lies in where the patient will be most of the time. Our addiction and inpatient drug rehab through partial hospitalization grants the possibility for them to sleep at home while receiving the finest assistance possible, therefore promoting inner responsibility and a clearer way to normalize their lives.

This Partial Hospitalization Program aims for patients to regain their independence through a safe and gradual return to daily life while surrounding them with proper support. The results don’t lie; many patients have found this program amazingly helpful in that transition towards a normal life.

Beat addiction definitely and start our PHP today

We are aware of the difficulty for many to re-enter their daily life. Among the greatest threats for recovering addiction patients finding themselves lost when facing responsibilities. Many can feel insecure about their ability to overcome this return to normal and go through an unwanted relapse.

Transitioning from residential care can be hard, as social contact and work-related responsibilities might trigger discomfort. That’s where PHP is most helpful, as it’s an ideal way for patients to feel accompanied in their process without feeling alone in their path to full recovery.

The re-acclimating process turns much smoother through PHP as a final addiction treatment step. A successful return to normal life is possible for everybody when trusting professional assistance. Don’t ever doubt whether you can beat to this ugly condition.

Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566

Addiction Php Florida

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Addiction Php Florida

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