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There are many benefits when starting an alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Florida, especially when many are worried about the ongoing pandemic. At Florida Springs, one of Florida’s best addiction treatment centers, we have developed an innovative strategy that suits the needs of all who seek to change their life and say goodbye to alcohol addiction.

We understand that many might feel uncomfortable facing inpatient care, whether at hospitals, clinics, or rehab facilities. It can be challenging to completely change your way of living even for a while; especially when one has other responsibilities either at work, school, or family-related. 

However, some alternatives can be equally successful at treating alcohol addiction. Among these alternatives, our luxury rehab center in Florida offers an ideal program to overcome addiction from home. 

If you are having doubts regarding this type of program, keep reading to understand how it works and how it can help you become a better version of yourself: addiction-free.

Intensive Outpatient Program at Florida Springs

As one of the leading Florida addiction treatment centers, Florida Springs has one of the country’s best professional staff when it comes to addiction assistance. Our program includes a structured strategy designed for a fast and successful recovery from home. If started, you’ll have access to the same benefits as traditional inpatients of addiction and drug rehab. 

Among such benefits there are:

  • Scheduled group therapy according to the patient’s availability
  • Individual counseling tailored from the patient’s needs
  • Video-conferences with medical professionals in guidance of the whole process

It is important to highlight that the word “intensive” doesn’t mean the program is more aggressive than conventional treatment. Is just for the patient to understand it’s not a casual treatment, as therapeutic practices are set to be at least multiple times per week and each appointment will include different approaches for the sake of full recovery.

Why IOP?

IOP is often recommended for those who aren’t going through a severe addiction case. In these cases, a more immersive treatment can be better. At Florida Springs we are known for being among the best rehab centers in Florida as we offer great inpatient and outpatient programs suited for every need and individual circumstance.

To better understand when a patient might need a particular type of addiction treatment, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has developed an explicative guide regarding which plan suits every case.

  • Level 0.5: early intervention services
  • Level 1: outpatient services
  • Level 2: intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization services
  • Level 3: residential or inpatient treatment services
  • Level 4: medically managed intensive inpatient treatment services

At level 2, when a patient hasn’t created a severe dependence on the substance, one of the best pathways towards recovery is to maintain their normal life while seeking professionals’ companionship. That’s exactly what IOP offers, as our world-class staff will be there providing support every step of the way while you can keep your regular activities and improving through the treatment.

It is also important to notice that IOP is also recommended for all of those patients who have successfully gone through either residential care or partial hospitalization programs. That way, treatment can be continued from home, ensuring a complete rehabilitation and a much safer path towards full recovery.

The decision to change your life for the better is in your hands. Luckily, you’ve reached one of the top rehab centers in FL. Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566

Alcohol Iop Florida

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Alcohol Iop Florida

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