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If you can’t quit using drugs regularly, you need to consider joining our drug rehab in Indianapolis fast! At Bridges of Hope, we know how quickly the disorder can progress, and how difficult it is to live with it every day.

How to treat drug addiction?

When looking to overcome your addiction for good, there is one thing to keep in mind at all costs – don’t attempt any form of self-detox or self-help procedures! Self-help is not only a useless notion but a dangerous one as well. Most people who resort to self-medication will end up aggravating their condition and even develop new forms of addiction.

For your safety, we recommend treating your addiction in a high-profile, specialized facility, where you will receive proper treatment and care. If your addiction is severe, you will require detox services, therapy, and prolonged aftercare for months to come.

Is drug detox painful?

The detoxification process will naturally come with some level of discomfort, both physical and mental. If you attempt to detox on your own, the withdrawal will be even more brutal, and a lot of things can go wrong in the process. We promote our services as ideal for reducing the impact of the withdrawal and ensuring maximum comfort during the procedure.

Depending on how advanced your disorder is, as well as your response to the treatment, the detoxification process may last approximately 14 days. During that time, our experts will monitor your progress 24/7, ready to intervene in case you need their assistance. We do our best to provide top comfort for a faster recovery, with a minimum of side effects.

The benefits of drug detox

During our drug rehab in Indianapolis, you will begin to experience noticeable improvements in your state of mind, mental and emotional functioning, as well as your spiritual composure. By combining the latest medical procedures, with high-end therapies and experiential activities, we help you:

  • Overcome the withdrawal easier
  • Acquire more self-confidence and determination
  • Become more relaxed and in control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Regain your mental freedom
  • Experience the joy of living a drug-free life again
  • Grow more socially involved
  • Adopt a healthier view on life, family, and personal development
  • Upgrade your lifestyle, including fitness routine, eating habits, hobbies, etc.

But the most significant benefit of the detox process is that it teaches you how to confront your cravings and regain control over your decisions. It will mark your first step towards absolute freedom, one of many more to come.

How to start the rehab?

If you’ve decided to start the rehabilitation treatment, you only need to contact us via our hotline, and we’ll take it from there. We cover most insurance plans, including Tricare, Aetna, AmeriHealth, Multiplan, and we offer high-end services, guaranteed privacy, and a compassionate and friendly attitude.

At Bridges of Hope, you will join a loving, caring family, and we can’t wait to have you become a member of our community, during your drug rehab in Indianapolis. Call us if you’re ready for an appointment, and turn the page to a new chapter in your life!

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