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An intensive outpatient program is one of several options available to those who need help overcoming a dependence on drugs or alcohol. As its name suggests, an IOP allows the patient to complete their addiction treatment without becoming a resident of their chosen clinic. Unlike a traditional outpatient program, however, an IOP requires almost the entirety of the patient’s time and effort.

At Florida Springs, we are proud to provide one of the finest Florida IOP courses. The program is completed at our luxury rehab center in Florida, with the constant support of our addiction specialists. But should you choose an IOP over one of our more traditional addiction and inpatient drug rehab programs? Read on to find out!

Here’s how to tell if a Florida IOP is right for you.

You Have Personal Or Professional Obligations

Many people who avoid residential treatment do so because they are unable to take time away from their professional or personal duties. This is where our intensive outpatient program can be advantageous. Because you will not be confined to our Florida addiction treatment center, you can maintain some of your obligations to your work and family. It is important to remember, however, that an IOP demands a great deal of dedication. As such, you should be prepared to let go of many of your responsibilities, without sacrificing them entirely.

You Have A Strong Support Network

Group therapy is a cornerstone of inpatient treatment. Residents at our Florida addiction treatment center derive support both from our staff and their fellow patients. For some, this is support that they simply could not expect in the outside world. If you have a strong unit of friends and family, you have a serious shot at overcoming your addiction without inpatient care. In conjunction with our IOP, this strong support network will help you navigate the potholes of addiction on the road to sobriety.

You Have Already Completed An Inpatient Program

We often recommend our intensive outpatient program to residents who are preparing to leave our clinic. This allows them to continue to avail of many of the benefits they enjoyed during their inpatient treatment. However, it also means they can begin to adjust to life in the real world. If you have completed a residential program in our clinic – or any rehabilitation clinic – our intensive outpatient program might be just the thing you need to solidify your treatment and maintain lifelong sobriety.

You Derive Comfort From Familiarity

For some people, a change of scenery can prove invaluable when trying to overcome addiction. For others, however, it can be detrimental. If you derive comfort from familiarity, you might have a better chance at attaining sobriety at home than you would at any of the top rehab centers in FL. Something as simple as sleeping in your own bed can help boost your mental health throughout your treatment, thereby increasing your chances of success.

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Florida Springs is among the best rehab centers in Florida, and for good reason. Our unbeaten intensive outpatient is perfect for anybody who feels they will benefit from being at home during their treatment. To learn more about how our IOP can help you take back your life from addiction, contact us today at 850-403-6566.

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