Florida Partial Hospitalization Program

If you’re convinced no recovery program can meet your needs, Florida Springs wants you to know we have a Florida Partial Hospitalization Program that’s perfect for you. Consider the fact that PHP offers patients the best aspects of a residential program without an overnight stay and you’ll start to see the advantages of choosing ‘day treatment’ at Florida Springs. Flexible treatment options make recovery accessible to all; if you need to be home every night to take care of personal responsibilities, our PHP is an excellent choice.

PHP vs. Outpatient Treatment

We receive phone calls at Florida Recovery luxury rehab center in Florida every day asking about the different levels of care offered in our treatment center. One of the most commonly asked questions is with regard to our Partial Hospitalization Program, sometimes referred to as day treatment. Our counselors love being able to tall our center’s callers that PHP is a popular treatment option for patients at all phases of recovery. What makes our PHP program unique is that it can provide the structure needed during early recovery without the long-term commitment of an inpatient program.

When Outpatient Care is Not Enough

Oftentimes, an addict feels apprehensive about getting involved with treatment for addiction and opts for a less-structured program, only to relapse shortly after starting the program. Day treatment can keep you on track to reaching your recovery goals, particularly if you’ve tried an IOP or outpatient program in the past and did not experience success through the program. PHP our Florida addiction treatment center is structured in such a way as to keep you fully engaged in recovery while you start to heal from the effects of addiction.

Rated Best Rehab Center in Florida

With more care options available, you’ll find that there’s a place for you at Florida Springs addiction and inpatient drug rehab. If you’re in doubt about which program is the right one for you, we can offer insight, encouragement, and a professional recommendation after a thorough assessment of your needs and goals. For many of our patients, day treatment offers the ideal balance between residential and outpatient care; though not every Florida partial hospitalization program is created alike. for this reason, we want to show you the advantages of selecting our PHP.

Day Treatment After Residential Care

If you’ve completed detox or have already gone through a residential program, a PHP can keep you on track while you work toward an eventual transition to life at home. Sober Living homes are another transitional option at Florida Springs, but it’s not right for everyone. Feel free to explore levels of care provided in our treatment center by clicking the ‘Programs’ link on our homepage, then reach out to a counselor at Florida Springs by calling 850-403-6566.

Quality care is available right now at one of the top rehab centers in FL; we’re able to take your call any time of the day or night if you need to hear a comforting voice on the phone or have questions about treatment. When you’re ready to take the next step on your journey, we’ll meet you wherever you are on the path to wellness.

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Florida Partial Hospitalization Program

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