Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida

Finding a Florida addiction treatment center isn’t easy. You must first accept that you have a problem. From there, you must settle on the type treatment you need and choose between inpatient and outpatient options. Both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs have their advantages. They also have their drawbacks. But just what are these advantages and drawbacks? More importantly, which type of program wins out when their pros and cons are compared? Read on to find out!

The Pros Of Residential Treatment 

The major advantage of residential treatment is that it is completed within the walls of a rehab clinic. This means that the patient can rely on round-the-clock support, which makes relapse during treatment extremely unlikely. The top rehab centers in FL also promise social, educational, and professional opportunities. This sets residents up comfortably for life after treatment. Some also offer workout facilities, allowing residents to workout with top-of-the-line equipment for the duration of their stay. These workout sessions are complimented by nutritional meals and drinks throughout the day.

The Cons Of Residential Treatment 

At Florida Springs, we take great pride in our inpatient program. However, we understand that even life in a luxury rehab center in Florida is not without its challenges. It is not uncommon for inpatients to struggle with being away from their friends and family. Some also suffer professional set backs, despite efforts to maintain their work obligations.

Addiction and inpatient drug rehab can be quite expensive, which is a major blow if you can’t get your insurance to cover your treatment. We have also heard stories about inpatients becoming too reliant on their case workers and fellow patients. Upon returning to the real world, they find it nearly impossible to adjust to life outside the clinic and disaster ensues.

The Pros Of Outpatient Treatment

There are several unique benefits to pursuing intensive outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida. For starters, intensive outpatient programs do not require the patient to outright abandon personal and professional duties. Mothers can still be mothers and fathers can still be fathers, improving in their roles as their treatment progresses. Some outpatients may also benefit from the comfort of familiar surroundings, such as their own bed and shower.

Intensive outpatient programs come with many of the same benefits as their residential counterparts. Group therapy sessions, for example, are an important part of IOPs. Some Florida addiction treatment centers even open their workout facilities to non-residents and allow them to join in on the communal dinners for the duration of their outpatient care.

The Cons Of Outpatient Treatment

The obvious con of outpatient alcohol treatment is the lack of supervision. On many occasions, you will encounter temptation and there will be nobody around to talk you out of doing the wrong thing. Likewise, you won’t have the constant motivation to eat right and exercise. Outpatient treatment also makes it impossible to escape from the pressures of everyday life. Personal and professional stresses may lead to relapses which could have been easily avoided through addiction and inpatient drug rehab.

So Which Option Is Best?

It’s virtually impossible to name one form of alcohol rehabilitation as better than the other. At the end of the day, it comes down to the personality of the patient and the kind of life they wish to lead during treatment. Even the best rehab center in Florida couldn’t heal an outpatient who requires the support of an inpatient program. That being said, an intensive outpatient program offers the best of both worlds and will give you a real shot at success regardless of your personality type.

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Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida

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Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida

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