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As one of the top rehab centers in FL, Florida Springs offers a variety of effective rehab programs. These include inpatient and outpatient courses, such as our IOP. Short for “intensive outpatient program”, our IOP offers counselling and support to patients as they adjust to – or try to maintain – life outside our luxury rehab center in Florida.

If you are considering IOP in Florida, you likely have a number of questions you would like answered. We’re going to be doing just that in the below section. Read on for some of the most frequently asked questions about our intensive outpatient program.

Can I Still Attend Group Therapy?

One of the great advantages of our residential program is the group therapy. Our group therapy sessions help residents develop a reliable support network from which they can derive strength in their weakest moments. We understand the importance group therapy can play in reclaiming one’s life. That’s why we offer continued group therapy sessions as part of our intensive outpatient program. Those enrolled in our IOP will visit our Florida addiction treatment center regularly to partake in the group counselling classes which have proven so valuable to our inpatients.

Is Your IOP Reserved For Former Residents?

While we often recommend our IOP to former residents, it is not exclusively reserved for those who have stayed at Florida Springs in the past. Even if you have not already completed one of our addiction and inpatient drug rehabs, you may still qualify for our IOP. This will allow you to overcome your chemical dependence while remaining loyal to your personal duties.

Can I Continue To Work?

Many people pursue an outpatient program as it gives them the ability to continue working while they battle addiction. While many outpatient programs do indeed allow this, an IOP is a little more restrictive. Given the immersive nature of an intensive outpatient program, we often advise those enrolled in our IOP to take medical leave. Though this isn’t strictly necessary, you will likely appreciate the freedom to focus exclusively on your recovery.

What About Privacy?

One of the great advantages of inpatient treatment is the total privacy that comes with it. As a resident in a rehab facility, nobody will see the trials and tribulations you experience within its walls. Many people assume an outpatient program simply cannot rival this level of privacy. At Florida Springs, we respectfully disagree. As perhaps the best rehab center in Florida, we strive to offer total confidentiality to our patients. Whether you are completing your treatment as an inpatient or as an outpatient, you can be certain of absolute discretion before, during, and after your program.

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