Medication Assisted Treatment For Alcohol South Florida

When you quit excessive alcohol consumption, your lungs, heart, and liver get a chance to bounce back to health. Your brain readjusts to the normal production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. But, if you’ve developed an alcohol use disorder, it’s hard to stop drinking.

Without alcohol in your system, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and hallucinations. You’ll also have alcohol cravings, forcing you to drink again to escape the unpleasant symptoms.

At Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, we offer the finest medication assisted treatment for alcohol in South Florida. This is a program that helps you quit alcohol without feeling sick or having to fight strong cravings.

FAQs About Our MAT for Alcohol Addiction

During medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at our Florida addiction treatment center, we provide guests with medicine that aids in their recovery. This is in combination with other treatment modalities that are part of our premier addiction and inpatient drug rehab programs. Here are answers to questions about our MAT for alcohol addiction:

Why Do You Use Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

We’re among the top rehab centers in FL that only use evidence-based treatment methods for substance use disorders. Besides behavioral therapies, pharmacotherapies involving medication use are another proven option that have been shown to assist our guests in their successful recovery.

What Drugs are Used in MAT for Alcohol Addiction?

Acamprosate, Disulfiram, and Naltrexone are the drugs that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Disulfiram is used after the completion of detoxification to help sustain abstinence. Naltrexone prevents the intoxication and euphoric effect of alcohol. This allows you to dissociate drinking with pleasurable feelings, motivating you to stay sober.

Acamprosate is taken after five days of not taking alcohol to curb cravings. These drugs enable you to abstain from drinking in the period following detoxification and subsequent months as you pursue recovery.

What are the Benefits of MAT?

There are several benefits of MAT, including:

  • It provides relief for withdrawal symptoms that persist after detoxification. This improves your comfort levels and keeps you feeling healthy as you proceed with rehab.
  • The medications block cravings, significantly reducing the risk of relapse. When you have no desire for alcohol, it’s easier to remain sober.
  • It allows for wholesome healing when used alongside other treatment protocols. This is essential for your long-term recovery.

Can I Become Dependent on Drugs Used for Alcohol MAT?

None of the drugs approved by the FDA for alcohol addiction treatment are habit-forming.

When Can I Stop Using Medication for My Addiction Treatment?

At our luxury rehab center in Florida, we prescribe medication to assist you when you’re most vulnerable to relapse. This is usually immediately after detox and during the initial stages of recovery.

When you gain life skills and coping mechanisms in rehab to an extent where you no longer need medication assistance to stay away from alcohol, we’ll gradually stop your MAT.

Wholesome Treatment for Better Recovery

Are you searching for the best rehab center in Florida for unsurpassed alcohol addiction treatment? We provide medication assisted treatment for alcohol in South Florida for your best chance at attaining lasting recovery. Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566.

Medication Assisted Treatment For Alcohol South Florida

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Medication Assisted Treatment For Alcohol South Florida

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