Medication Assisted Treatment South Florida

Florida Springs is a preeminent rehab with state-of-the-art amenities and advanced treatments and therapies. Our medication-assisted treatment in South Florida helps patients break free from their behavioral issues and enables them to maintain sobriety in the long term.

What is medication-assisted treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT uses medications and traditional therapies (counseling and behavioral therapies) to help patients embrace sobriety. MAT follows a “whole-patient” approach in treating substance use disorders. It is an FDA-approved treatment approach tailored to meet each patient’s needs. Several studies state that a combination of medication and therapy can treat alcohol or drug abuse disorders successfully, ensuring long-lasting sobriety post-rehab.

At our leading luxury rehab center in Florida, we use MAT to treat addiction to heroin, opioids, and prescription pain relievers. MAT rebalances the brain chemistry by blocking the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol and relieves cravings and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Effectiveness of MAT treatment

With over 2 million people dealing with an opioid abuse disorder, MAT is one of the few proven treatments available to treat this type of addiction. MAT reduces the need for inpatient detox and ensures comprehensive recovery from addiction. MAT is effective because it allows the top rehab centers in FL to tailor the program to address unique recovery needs and goals in the long run.

MAT focuses on equipping patients with the ability to lead a self-directed life. Several research studies state that it increases patient retention rates in treatment and decreases illicit opioid use. Studies suggest that this therapy reduces the potential for relapse in recovering addicts even long after completing the rehab treatment. Ranked as the best rehab center in Florida, we use MAT as an integral part of our treatment process. 

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment 

MAT helps patients battling opioid, heroin, or alcohol addiction attain a safe, speedy, and comprehensive recovery. Some of the benefits of our MAT addiction and inpatient drug rehab treatment include:

  1. It is highly effective and affordable

MAT yields the best treatment outcomes compared to behavioral-only or medication-only treatments. Undergoing psychological treatment and support from medication make MAT one of the most effective and affordable addiction treatments.

  1. MAT allows greater freedom

Patients can undergo MAT as a part of their residential treatment as well as outpatient rehab. After residential treatment, patients may experience the lingering symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome for several months. MAT requires you to visit our Florida addiction treatment center a couple of times a week, which helps strengthen your commitment to sobriety and ensure your smooth transition into the outside world.

  1. MAT works as a part of a larger framework 

MAT can work well with both traditional and non-traditional rehab treatments and yield an array of long-lasting benefits, including drug and alcohol relapse prevention and mental and emotional balance over time.

Get in touch with one of us at Florida Springs at 850-403-6566. As one of the few rehabs to offer medication-assisted treatment in South Florida, we offer unsurpassed residential drug treatment in Florida in a world-class treatment center with a compassionate team of clinicians and therapists.

Medication Assisted Treatment South Florida

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Medication Assisted Treatment South Florida

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