About Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center

We welcome all persons seeking help Regardless of the Challenges or Problems they Face

We realize that many of the individuals that present at our programs may have more than one problem.  We will screen for these problems and provide life-enhancing recovery options through an integrated system of care. Our goal is to maintain an ethical, responsive and professional attitude in all levels of care and create an environment of understanding, choice, compassion and hope.

We are Committed to Caring

All persons seeking services will be received in a welcoming and respectful manner regardless of presenting needs, symptoms or illness.


The Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center vision is to promote healthy individuals, families and communities and to improve the quality of life through the services we provide.


Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center serves as a high end luxury resort facility that will provide a safe environment for total recovery after detoxification, without potential outside negative stressors. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can only truly heal an individual when done in a stress free environment. Professionals must properly assess and treat underlying issues such as depression, trauma (PTSD), grief and loss, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, obesity and sleep disorders. These are just a few of the underlying issues that can make a person vulnerable to relapse. By properly addressing these issues, our clients will (possibly for the first time) understand their triggers, develop coping mechanisms for addictive behaviors, and find a bridge out of their addiction to an extraordinary life.

Our Values: Non-Discrimination

Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center does not discriminate and has no barriers to service access on the basis of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or physical or mental disability. 

Philosophy of Care

It is the highest honor to be entrusted to serve persons seeking treatment at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center. We understand that this privilege requires that, as a facility, we work as a recovering community within our wider community.

Customer care and service is foundational to everything we do. Our patients are the priority.

We understand that the people we serve are individuals with unique strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences, and must be treated as such in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, and non-judgmental.

We understand that in order to provide the best possible care for persons served, we must continually evaluate the work we do, be fully receptive to providing and receiving feedback, as well as study and learn from research and industry experience. This is how we continuously improve our care and services.

Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

We ensure that our programs and services are based on the most current research and evidence–based practices.

We understand that, oftentimes, those persons presenting for services have a substance use disorder and other disorders that can complicate treatment in some cases. We know that all team members must work together to provide integrated care for people with co-occurring disorders. This requires continual communication, collaboration and cross-training of everyone on the team. Everyone is responsible for achieving a certain level of competency and proficiency in both substance abuse and mental disorders, as appropriate to their positions within Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery.

We further acknowledge that many of the persons we serve are trauma survivors and that their trauma experiences may shape their responses to outreach and services. In providing trauma–informed care, our goal is to provide services within an environment that is sensitive to traumatic triggers. We strive to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledge the role that trauma has played in the lives of survivors. In accordance with NCTIC (National Center for Trauma – Informed Care), we seek to change the paradigm from one that asks, “What’s wrong with you?” to one that asks, “What has happened to you?”

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