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  • Detox Services – Many Texas alcohol rehabs and drug treatment centers will not compete with Florida Springs’ low rates for self-pay and our wide range of accepted insurance plans. Additionally, state agencies, including the Texas Department of Health and Human Services are lagging well behind the rest of the world and most other states, and cannot be expected to be a serious resource for the citizens of Texas when it comes to seeking drug and alcohol rehab and treatment in Texas. The state of Texas regards “surveillance” as a key to solving the current addiction crisis, something no real substance use disorder expert could seriously agree with, and they unfortunately downplay the seriousness of the opioid epidemic on their website in favor of discussing Marijuana and enforcing outdated drug laws. There are incredible private resources in Texas that have helped many people begin the recovery process, but it also makes sense for people seeking drug and alcohol treatment in Texas to explore options outside of the state. The Florida Panhandle region is close to many parts of Texas, particularly Southeast Texas.
    Our positive environment and Panama City locale can provide Texas residents with an escape from the people, places, and things that may have contributed to substance use disorder triggers, and Florida Springs can provide you with the tools to stay sober and live a life of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Medically supervised detox is the safest and most effective option for anyone who is seeking sobriety from drugs and alcohol after prolonged use. Those individuals who are using alcohol or benzodiazepines, like Xanax or Valium, must seek professional medical help when trying to stop using drugs, as there is a serious risk of death or injury from stopping the use of those substances without the care of a physician. Drugs like opioids and methamphetamine, as well as many others, also pose serious health concerns when patients stop using them after heavy or prolonged exposure. Medically supervised detox is a great option above and beyond the fact that other types of detox are unsafe, as studies have shown that patients who seek medical help to detox from drugs and alcohol are more successful than others when it comes to achieving longer term sobriety from substance abuse.
  • IOP – Some Texas substance abuse programs will not include Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs, but Florida Springs has one of the best intensive outpatient programs for addiction and alcoholism treatment aftercare. Our IOP is specifically designed as an aftercare step for patients who are newly sober but have gotten through the detox and initial weeks of treatment. We generally would describe our IOP option as a great next step after detox or inpatient treatment at Florida Springs in Panama City. Residents of Texas who need aftercare treatment, but are not able to stay in Florida or Panama City for an extended period of time may be eligible for telehealth aftercare from our substance abuse therapy team.
  • Residential – Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery center is the best in the Southern United States, and a great option for Texas residents looking for drug and alcohol rehabs outside of their immediate area. Texas residents are close enough to make Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City a viable option, while still putting distance between themselves and situations at home which may have contributed to drug or alcohol use disorders. Texas residents will learn how to deal with triggers while in drug and alcohol rehab at Florida Springs, and be more prepared to deal with triggers and stress back home in Texas after completing rehab at Florida Springs in Panama City Florida.
  • Partial Hospitalization – Intensive all-day treatment without the need for an overnight stay. The best drug and alcohol rehabs in the Southern United States should offer a wide range of services. If you are having trouble finding PHP or would like treatment in the Florida area, call Florida Springs today to discuss drug and alcohol treatment options in the Panama City area. Florida Springs regularly treats patients from all over the country, especially the southern areas of the US.
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For many years Texas, much like Florida, has struggled with an addiction epidemic. Texas is close to Mexico, which has remained a hub for drug smuggling activity, and Texas has been an epicenter for the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs like Oxycontin and Xanax, oftentimes because of pill mills and doctors who overprescribed these drugs for personal gain, but increasingly because of the manufacture of illicit fentanyl and other drugs inside Mexico and around the border region between the United States and Mexico. The prescription drug epidemic has claimed the lives of many people in Texas, and fentanyl and methamphetamine are on track to do much more damage in the future if we cannot get people who need substance abuse treatment into programs that will work for them. Florida Springs in Panama City is the best drug and alcohol rehab in the Florida area, and we have the best detox unit in the Florida Panhandle region. There were over 1,350 overdose deaths in Texas in both 2019 and 2020, and overdose deaths in Texas are rising quickly. In 2021, fentanyl and methamphetamine, along with alcohol, were most often the cause of death for a person struggling with addiction in Texas and the surrounding areas.
There are skilled rehab and recovery professionals at Florida Springs in Panama City, Florida who are trained and ready to provide treatment to people from Texas who may be struggling with addiction right now. If you have found our page while searching for drug and alcohol treatment in Texas, you can call the number on this website today for recommendations and further information about seeking addiction medical care. You can also find more information and photos of our facility on both Google and on our website. If you or a loved one needs alcohol or addiction treatment, call us right away.

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