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Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities in Florida

Florida Springs offers a state-of-the-art residential facility, where you can safely reside until you are ready for the next step in a long-term treatment plan. Residential drug treatment at Florida Springs offers individual, group, and family therapies along with education and activities that can help bring you back to healthy living. While this level of treatment begins directly after the detoxification process has been completed, we continue to have the medical support necessary for any of your other medical needs. You will learn about yourself, including the issues and triggers that have led you toward unmanageability and your life of addiction. The best residential rehab program in Florida is located in the same building as the best detox center in Florida. Residential drug and alcohol treatment is where you finish your stay after completing the detox process from drugs and alcohol.

A Comfortable Place to Heal & Grow

Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is a healthy and safe environment in which all patients will interact with each other and our expert staff while learning about relapse prevention and the root causes of addiction as a disease. Many people who opt for residential treatment at Florida Springs will be living without drugs and alcohol for the first time in a long time upon entering treatment. In residential treatment you will learn to safely deal with feelings and emotions that have been kept buried by the substances you were using. You will work with our expert staff on a plan of action for maintaining sobriety and avoiding behaviors which have led to problems in the past. Many individuals have been able, with help, to transform themselves from distressed and addicted persons to happier and healthier members of society. Residential treatment at Florida Springs can be a powerful step towards recovery for those who require this level of inpatient care.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Everyone who decides to embark on a program of recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism, often called substance use disorder, will follow their own unique path. That is why Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center offers so many treatment options. With that said, the benefits of all the programs offered at Florida Springs are well understood. Many rigorous scientific studies have shown that people who graduate from a residential treatment program, like the one offered here at Florida Springs, are much more likely to be happy, healthy, and drug and alcohol free years down the line. Relapse is common, and that reinforces the importance of great treatment programs, but all evidence points to the fact that those people who are able to complete residential treatment are well positioned to be doing well in the future. Many of the same studies also show that “going it alone” or trying to get long term sobriety on your own, without professional help, is nearly impossible and probably dangerous. All people who are thinking of getting clean from drugs or alcohol should understand that medical help is necessary from the very beginning of the process, as many drugs, including alcohol, can cause deadly side effects if a person quits them “cold turkey”, or without proper supervision. For those reasons, residential treatment at Florida Springs is also a medically sound option for many people, although it is important to note that some patients will need medical intervention above and beyond what a residential treatment program can provide, so all patients should speak openly and honestly with intake personnel about previous medical history and current symptoms.

What Comes After Residential Treatment

Many people who are somewhat familiar with traditional inpatient drug and alcohol rehab will think about a 28-day residential program. It is true that, for many people, one month in a residential program, followed by a longer period in other types of ongoing treatment and therapy, has been effective as a first step on the road to recovery. With that said, 28 days may not be possible for all patients based on barriers related to insurance and finance. 28 days is not a magic number, and all patients should seek expert advice on what treatment options might be best for them. If you do intend to seek residential treatment, one of the most important points to understand is that a person is not cured on day 29. One month of healthy living, combined with much-needed individual and group therapy and vital medical supervision, is a wonderful beginning to a holistic program of long-term recovery. It would be a great idea to speak with Florida Springs intake counselors about what types of steps come after a month-long residential treatment period. There are many positive steps a person can take after residential treatment, including outpatient counseling at a place like Florida Springs, AA or NA meetings, sponsorship or mentorship from other sober individuals, and much more. Most people would also benefit from having a primary physician involved in their treatment experience, especially if a person has ongoing medical challenges in addition to substance use disorder.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Please take a look at our unique facilities in photos and/or take a virtual tour of our residential alcohol treatment in Florida. Accommodations include a full gym and yoga room, dining facilities, recreation and game room, library, and much more. Our staff is world class, and our facilities are purpose built for the treatment of your disease of addiction, other co-occurring mental health issues, and the associated relationship problems that become such a significant source of suffering.

Sample Residential Schedule

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