Telehealth Aftercare

Beginning in 2011, Dr. Raymond Pomm envisioned using Telehealth for the purpose of improving access to care for patients seeking substance abuse treatment. Like all programs at Florida Springs, telehealth is individualized to every patient’s needs. This includes treatments such as individual, group, and family therapy. Patients who complete treatment at the residential, partial hospitalization or Intensive outpatient level are often encouraged to continue with an ongoing care plan. Telehealth can fill this role for many patients that would have been previously without a good option.

Continued Support with our Aftercare Programs

All too often, patients leave the treatment center, where they have developed once in a lifetime bonds, and return home, where previous substance abuse triggers reappear. Having to face old demons, and trying to build a home-based recovery program, a patient may feel alone and vulnerable. Having access to telehealth, patients can continue to meet with the people they connected with during treatment. Oftentimes, they will continue seeing the counselor with whom they built a foundation of support. Patients who have driven a long way or flown in from out of state can now, via telehealth, continue receiving treatment and support directly from Florida Springs after returning home. As in the case of other Florida Springs programs, patients should call Florida Springs at (850) 403-6566 to discuss telehealth options. Patients who begin telehealth are immediately paired with a therapist. The therapist works with the patient to create a group, individual, and family therapy treatment plan using a convenient and confidential telehealth program.

Relapse Prevention at Florida Springs

For those patients who stay in the Florida Springs area after treatment, the normal aftercare plan usually includes at least 1 hour a week of one-on-one therapy and 1 hour of group therapy dedicated to relapse prevention. Family therapy is scheduled as needed. These sessions occur on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The treatment plan for those seeking in-person aftercare and those who seek a telehealth aftercare program are remarkably similar. AA/NA meetings are often a great option for many of our clients, and these types of groups are available nearly anywhere in the world.

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