Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS – The Basics

What do I need to bring in with me for treatment?

To alleviate any concerns about what to bring into treatment, a packing list will be sent to each client during the admission process. This list includes personal items such as clothing and toiletries, as well as any medications that are taken daily. Please bring your driver’s license and insurance card with you as well.

Will my family be included in my treatment?

Yes, we strongly encourage family involvement during treatment. Florida Springs offers therapeutic family sessions throughout treatment and has scheduled visitations each Saturday. Children are allowed during these visitations.

How will I pay for substance abuse treatment?

Florida Springs accepts most commercial insurance plans and offers self-pay options for treatment. We can also assist in applying for a treatment loan. We will run a free insurance benefit check so that you will know exactly what costs to expect.

Can you treat other medical or mental health diagnoses aside from addiction treatment?

Yes, Florida Springs is credentialed as a dual diagnosis center and can provide comprehensive care to patients who experience co-occurring illnesses.

How soon can treatment begin?

To begin the treatment process please call us at (850) 403-6566 as soon as possible.

How do I start the intake process?

The decision to seek substance abuse treatment is not an easy one. However, the intake process at Florida Springs is straightforward. Please give our admissions department a call at (850) 403-6566 and speak with our specialists confidentially about beginning treatment. We will ask simple questions and review your needs on an individual level to ensure you receive the treatment that you need to change your life.

Will I be allowed to smoke while in treatment?

Yes, smoking is permitted during treatment at Florida Springs in designated areas and smoke breaks are scheduled throughout the day. You will need to bring your own cigarettes as these will not be provided. If you are interested in quitting smoking during treatment we offer a smoking cessation treatment program.

Will I be able to use my phone and other electronics while in treatment?

We realize that while in treatment our clients often have personal and business matters to attend to. The use of electronics is at the discretion of the primary therapist and these needs will be discussed with the client at admit.

Does Florida Springs support AA/NA and similar 12 Step Programs?

Yes, our treatment at Florida Springs has the 12 step principles and 12 Step meetings as integral components of our substance abuse treatment program. We share information about AA in the hopes of helping clients develop sober support systems and a structure that will work for them long term.

How long is treatment at Florida Springs?

The average length of stay for our residential program is typically 30 days. However, each of our clients has unique and specialized needs due to the severity of their substance abuse. For this reason, lengths of stay are adjusted according to individual needs.

What is a typical day like in drug rehab?

Florida Springs offers education sessions, group therapy, relapse prevention training, individual therapy, family sessions, music therapy, and other therapeutic activity programming throughout the day. Upon your intake call, a daily adult program schedule will be sent to you.

FAQ – A few more things you may be wondering about

What is Detox and how bad will it be?

Many addicts know that the withdrawal from their drug of choice can be painful, uncomfortable, and in some cases dangerous. Detox is in place to make the first days of treatment both safe and as comfortable as possible. Whether detoxing from alcohol, opioids, other substances, or a combination of things, our medical staff uses the best practices and medications available to get you to the next phase of rehabilitation.

What is treatment other than just detox?

Detox can be the most physically rigorous time for many substance abusers, but it is also the shortest, as long-term sobriety takes a change in lifestyle and mindset over a long period of time. Treatment is similar to other types of therapy in many ways, and it is also an education. Most sober people can eventually point to underlying causes for their substance abuse. It is also valuable to begin to identify significant triggers, social settings, and any factors that may cause a relapse down the road. When you see our daily schedule, you will see an entire program dedicated to preparation for a better way of living.

Can addiction be cured?

Maybe someday, but at this time the best-known approach is a holistic treatment plan like the one a patient will experience at Florida Springs. Completing inpatient treatment is a big step, but much of the work and progress will take place after successfully completing the inpatient program. Dr. Raymond Pomm, our clinical director, has pioneered new tools for support and treatment beyond the weeks you spend in our facility initially. Many people in recovery speak of the “one day at a time” approach, and eventually days of healthy living begin to add up.

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