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Intensive outpatient drug & alcohol treatment (IOP) at Florida Springs is a structured program of substance abuse treatment that is administered in the form of scheduled group therapy and individual counseling, typically attended while the patient lives outside of the facility. Intensive outpatient is recommended on an individual basis based on a person’s needs and the evaluation of our expert staff. “Intensive” simply denotes the fact that IOP is not a casual program. It is multiple days out of the week, and appointments can include different forms of therapy. Another part of the “intensive” program is a strict set of guidelines, but all patients entering IOP will be fully informed of their rights and the expectations of the program staff. Success is the only goal, and it is built for that purpose alone.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Group and individual therapy sessions can cover a range of important topics. Groups can discuss problems faced by members of the group, engage with each other and staff about difficulties faced by newly sober people, and much more. Individuals will also be educated about the years of experiential literature that is available in the world of substance abuse and sobriety programs while engaging in an active, interactional group process.

To put it most plainly, the IOP program requires time, energy, and willingness. However, whether in IOP or any segment of the Florida Springs program, nobody does it alone. Our staff providing IOP addiction treatment in Florida has one goal, your successful recovery. When the goals of the patients are matched with our dedicated staff, amazing changes can happen in people lives, and we see it every day.

Let us clarify one particularly important piece of information, residential treatment programs are usually a good fit for people who have longstanding or more severe addictions. Some people have had many relapses, while others are approaching treatment for the first time ever. IOP is often a good fit for those who have completed residential and/or partial hospitalization levels of care. The IOP level of care can also be an option for those early in their addiction, who have a strong supportive home environment, do not need detox, and are very committed to entering a life of recovery. Our IOP drug & alcohol program in Florida can oftentimes be scheduled in a way that allows you to continue working and/or going to school. There are many good options, and nobody is left to make these important decisions alone.

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