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One of the vital steps in a patient’s journey of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is the willingness to attend a medically supervised detox and rehab process. Alcoholism and drug addiction rewires the chemical balances in the human brain in a way that makes proper decision making and healthy living impossible. Both South Florida and the Florida Panhandle, where our facility is located, are high population areas with major needs for both alcohol detox treatment facilities and drug detox centers. Detox is the process of ridding the body of drugs and alcohol in a safe environment so that healing can begin. Many people who are familiar with the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous or its corollary programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous, will be familiar with the phrase “one day at a time”. There are a few reasons that “one day at a time” is an important mantra for recovery, but when it comes to detox there is an added benefit of thinking about one’s recovery one day at a time. Detox is a difficult process, however, after a person has completed the detoxification process in a safe environment like Florida Springs, many people believe that each day can get progressively easier and more comfortable. Many people who use drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time can eventually begin to feel uncomfortable or even sick when they are sober for even one 24-hour period. Detox is the end of that terrible cycle. Medically supervised detox at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is the beginning of a brand-new day. Visit us here to learn more about residential drug treatment in Florida.

Why Medically Supervised Detox?

It has been proven to be nearly impossible for most people with severe substance use disorder to detox alone in an environment that is not medically supervised, such as in bed at home. Maybe more important than the low success rate of self-detox is the inherent danger of trying to detox without trained medical supervision. People with dependencies to alcohol and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Klonipin, etc.) can suffer from seizures and death if they quit using drugs and alcohol without medical intervention and supervision. All over both south Florida, central Florida, and the panhandle, we are seeing rapidly growing rates of meth, fentanyl, prescription painkillers, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. People with opiate use disorder, who are dependent on opioid drugs such as Fentanyl, Oxycontin, or Heroin, can suffer dangerously severe dehydration and other serious flu-like effects and pain if not closely monitored by trained medical personnel. When facing dehydration, seizures, and even death, one can see that the medically supervised part of a great detox program is paramount to ensuring safety. However, detox is the foundation that a successful recovery begins with, so choosing top drug detox centers or top alcohol detox treatment centers like our facility in Florida can put a patient in the best possible situation to succeed at achieving freedom from drugs and alcohol. The best medically supervised detox in Florida is Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, located on the panhandle in beautiful Panama City, Florida.

Why Does Environment Matter?

To different extents, substance use disorder causes a deterioration in the home environment of all people with the disease of addiction. Even if there are not empty alcohol containers or drug paraphernalia laying around one’s house while they are actively abusing substances, the psychological environment of a home with an addicted person living there is different from a happy and healthy home. When a person makes the decision to enter a drug detox center or alcohol detox treatment and embark on a program of recovery, it is incredibly valuable for that person to find a healthy environment in which to do that. Florida Springs provides a safe and positive environment, with the medical recovery experience to guide patients through a crisis in their lives. Although addiction is a disease, there is stigmatization related to drug use and mental illness in our culture that causes many people with substance use disorder to feel shame about their own addiction or drug and alcohol use history. However, recovery is something everyone should feel good about, and even though drug detox and alcohol treatment may not be where anyone planned to be, it is the best and most positive place for anyone who needs treatment for addiction. It is absolutely a thing to feel good about. Our drug detox center in Florida has a warm and comfortable environment, near Panama City Beach, with state-of-the-art facilities including a workout room and recreation area to help patients relax and recuperate from the hard work of improving oneself in recovery.

Inpatient or Outpatient Detox?

Based on the circumstances of each individual, there are different levels of care that will be recommended. In the case of detox from drugs and alcohol, the two main forms of treatment are ambulatory care and inpatient care. One difference is that those in ambulatory care will not stay overnight at the facility and will spend less hours overall with medical supervision. Most people who are familiar with the 4-week inpatient rehabilitation model will be familiar with inpatient detox, but Florida Springs is not a one-size-fits-all kind of recovery center. We pride ourselves on providing the care that gives our patients the best chance of ultimate success and lasting sobriety, and that can demand different types of care for different individuals.

Do You Have a Dual Diagnosis?

Florida Springs prides itself as the best drug and alcohol rehab, including the best medically supervised detox, in the state of Florida. We realize that many of the individuals that come to our facility may have more than one problem, which may include a mental health diagnosis other than substance use disorder. We will screen for these problems and provide life-enhancing recovery options through an integrated system of care. Our goal is to maintain an ethical, responsive, and professional attitude in all levels of care; we create an environment of understanding, choice, compassion, and hope.

Detox from More Than One Substance

Studies show that almost half of patients admitted to drug detox centers or alcohol detox treatment centers are struggling with more than one substance. Personnel at our Florida drug and alcohol detox center know this, and are experienced with this phenomenon, also known as polydrug use or polydrug addiction. It is important to note that alcohol, while legal, is just another drug. So those people who are struggling with alcohol use and dependency to another drug are included in this group. Nobody is ever alone, and both dual diagnosis and polydrug addiction are incredibly common and manageable with medical supervision and a trained and expert staff.

Success in Detox

At Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, having the most experienced and professional staff possible is only part of our recipe for success. The expert staff at our Florida drug detox center and alcohol detox treatment center must approach the treatment of addiction in a caring and compassionate way. Addiction is a disease, so in some ways it is similar to other medical illnesses. However, alcoholism and addiction also tear apart families, ruin lives, and kill many people each year. For those reasons and others, an added level of personal commitment and dedication has become necessary for anyone who works at Florida Springs, especially in detox. If our patients are willing to change everything about how they have been living to secure a brighter future, we must be willing to go the extra mile for our patients. Inpatient and ambulatory detox are important levels of care and decisions to enter detox and rehabilitation can be of life changing importance. Our Florida drug detox center acknowledges this fact, and we have chosen to participate in this important process of healing for our patients, with all the hard work that it entails.


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