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The current heroin, meth, and alcohol addiction crisis in Birmingham Alabama and Bay County Florida is very similar, and usually requires people suffering from addiction to seek appropriate treatment at the best drug rehab in Florida. Florida Springs is located in Bay County Florida, in the Florida panhandle, a short drive from Birmingham and not far from the rest of Alabama.

Offering Inpatient & IOP Programs In Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Alabama is a city that has seen its fair share problems during the ongoing addiction epidemic and the worsening alcoholism crisis in America, with drug and alcohol use rates consistently above national averages. Many people in Birmingham Alabama, as well as around the Florida Panhandle need rehab for heroin addiction, which is often made worse by the presence of Fentanyl in the Heroin or other street drugs. There has never been a more dangerous time to use heroin (laced with fentanyl) and meth in Birmingham Alabama. There is a heroin problem in Birmingham Alabama, as well as a meth addiction problem in Birmingham Alabama, and the surrounding area. Rehab for heroin addiction, often including fentanyl addiction, is challenging, but can be successful with professional help from Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center.

Meth addiction is also one of the hardest addictions to break, often with longer periods of time in rehab needed to treat meth addiction. People with meth addiction in Birmingham Alabama, as well as people with meth addictions in Panama City Florida, can seek treatment at Florida Springs. Florida Springs is the best heroin and meth rehab (drug rehab) in Florida, and they except Medicaid as well as private insurance. Please contact us today to discuss drug rehab and alcohol rehab for people with Medicaid in Florida and Alabama. Alabama is consistently one of the worst states in the country for Meth addiction and methamphetamine production, and has continued to see rises in heroin use and other opioid use. Alcoholism remains one of the biggest problems faced by the people of Alabama, including Birmingham.

To address these heroin, meth, and alcohol issues, many drug rehab centers, alcohol rehabilitation centers, and substance abuse clinics have been established throughout the state, offering both inpatient drug rehab and intensive outpatient programs to help individuals struggling with addiction get the support and care they need to overcome their substance-use issues.

One of the most well-known and highly regarded substance abuse clinics and alcohol rehabilitation centers near Birmingham Alabama is Florida Springs in Panama City, which offers comprehensive services for individuals dealing with substance abuse. Florida Springs is one of few inpatient drug rehab centers that offer both inpatient substance abuse treatment and intensive outpatient programs, providing clients with a wide range of evidence-based treatments that are effective in helping individuals recover from addiction.

We Offer

Detox Services



Partial Hospitalization

Telehealth Aftercare

Drug detox services are an essential component of any substance abuse treatment program, and at Florida Springs, we offer comprehensive drug detox services to help individuals safely and comfortably transition from their drug or alcohol use to our rehab program.

In addition to detox, our intensive outpatient program provides clients with a highly individualized treatment plan that is tailored to meet their unique needs and goals. IOP is perfect for clients who need more structure and support than what can be provided in an outpatient setting, but who are not quite ready to commit to a longer-term residential treatment program.

Residential life at Florida Springs is another key component of our treatment program, providing clients with a safe and supportive environment in which they can focus on their recovery without the distractions or temptations often found in their daily lives. Here, clients have access to 24/7 medical care, as well as individual and group therapy sessions led by experienced and compassionate therapists.

Partial hospitalization services provide structured outpatient support as an alternative to residential treatment and can be helpful for clients who need a more flexible schedule or for those who have completed a residential treatment program.

The telehealth aftercare program at Florida Springs offers continued support and accountability with our trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals to help clients remain sober even once they have completed their time at Florida Springs. 

Some of the additional services available at Florida Springs include individual and group counseling sessions, family therapy, relapse prevention training, and holistic therapies like exercise and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques.

Contact Our Wellness and Recovery Center Today for Substance Abuse Treatment in Birmingham Alabama

Looking for quality substance abuse clinics in Birmingham Alabama? Look no further than Florida Springs. With over a decade of experience helping individuals struggling with drug detox and other forms of substance abuse, we are committed to providing the highest level of care and support to all our patients at our alcohol rehabilitation centers.

At Florida Springs, we work closely with each patient to provide individualized support that addresses not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological and emotional factors that may be contributing to substance abuse.

We also have drug rehab in Texas along with services in other areas across the U.S. like drug rehab in Arkansas.

Whether you are looking for rehabs in Birmingham Alabama or Tallahassee Florida, we can connect you with our network of drug rehab centers for our clients across the South.

Florida Springs strives to provide top-notch substance abuse treatment for individuals in Birmingham Alabama. If you need detox services or other rehabilitation programs near Birmingham Alabama, contact us today.

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