Best Rehabs in Florida

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If you or a loved one is experiencing the pain and hardship that results from substance use disorder or drug addiction, I want to make you aware of some important points when choosing the best rehabs in Florida for your families’ needs. I have already written on the importance of safety right now, in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic is making it even more difficult for families to seek help for addiction and substance use disorder. Recently the CDC released new data on the ongoing addiction epidemic, and overdoses were at an all-time high in 2019, and the total number of people suffering from drug addiction or dependence was at an all-time high. There is also data suggesting that those numbers have risen dramatically in 2020, and we all know that the pandemic has made all forms of health care more difficult to deliver to patients safely. Based on the data over the last five years, it was previously believed that current methods had produced some promising signs, but that progress towards lower addiction and lower numbers of overdoses seems to have slipped away. We are left with the worst epidemic of addiction in history at the same time that we are fighting one of the worst viral pandemics in the history of the nation. 

Wellness and recovery, in the immediate and long term, is the goal of all the best rehabs in Florida. Florida is currently one of the main hot spots for Covid-19, so I recently wrote about the importance of safety and professionalism at any drug rehabilitation center right now. Now, I wanted to go through some of the other important things to look for when searching for answers to the deadly disease of addiction. Programs, programs, programs. Every individual is different, and every journey to recovery looks slightly different as well. Some people need long term inpatient care, while other people find success through intensive outpatient care. There are important decisions to be made about whether a person needs a medical detox at a drug rehab or not, and whether that detox will be made easier with Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT. There are even more things to think about. What area do you live in, and how far will you need to travel? What will your family be doing while you or your loved one is in treatment? Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery, online at, is certainly one of the best drug rehabs in Florida. Not only does Florida Springs offer every treatment program that I have already mentioned, but they have also pioneered the technique of telehealth and telehealth aftercare. These programs allow families to stay together, and they allow people to return home to family and responsibility at a safe time, without the need to stop treatment. With telehealth, you can engage with both individual and group therapy sessions in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are staying during that stage of your treatment. One of the pioneers of telehealth, Dr. Raymond Pomm, is part of the Florida Springs staff, and his wealth of experience and knowledge helps people suffering from addiction every day. Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery is in Panama City, Florida. Panama City and the surrounding county have had relatively few Covid-19 cases compared to the rest of the state. I previously wrote about the incredible steps that the staff there has taken to successfully keep people safe from the virus, and I encourage you to read that article as well if you are still interested in what makes Florida Springs one of the best rehabs in Florida. 

By Tim Cannon