Family Behind Oxycontin Granted Federal Immunity

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The family that owned and many believe intentionally operated the company behind Oxycontin to maximize addiction and profit has been granted sweeping immunity by a federal bankruptcy court in New York. The Sackler family, owners of private pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma during the period when tens of thousands of Americans became addicted to opioid painkillers, has not only won immunity for themselves but also for hundreds of associates that they believed could have faced legal problems. NPR has also reported that the companies they still own going forward have received immunity as well,

“The deal grants “releases” from liability for harm caused by OxyContin and other opioids to the Sacklers, hundreds of their associates, as well as their remaining empire of companies and trusts.”

The judge in the case commented, while granting the deal including sweeping immunity,

“This is a bitter result,” (The Judge) said. “I believe that at least some of the Sackler parties have liability for those [opioid OxyContin] claims. … I would have expected a higher settlement.”

Many people who followed the trial were hoping the judge would throw a deal like this out, but apparently Judge Drain found it to be fair enough to allow the process to move ahead. The best drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida and around the country are facing overwhelming numbers of patients and our country is facing a record number of overdose deaths, with over 93,000 people dying in 2019 from overdoses on drugs other than alcohol. This blog is brought to the people of Panama City by Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, one of the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida that still accepts patients with Medicaid insurance coverage.

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