Friendships and Recovery

Friendships and Recovery

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When I reflect on my first several years in recovery, one of the most important areas of change for me was my friend groups. In recovery, as we talk about often, self-care comes before all else. We learn that we have to get sober for ourselves and stay sober for our own well-being. Friends make that possible for me, and today I want to discuss some perspectives on friendship within recovery.

Recovery is not something that you should do by yourself, but simply for yourself. Successful recovery is about being comfortable in your own skin and facing life on life’s terms, as we often say. Friends can help you stay focused on your treatments, encourage you during difficult times and hold you accountable and goal oriented; any good friends would do that. In treatment at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, the best drug and alcohol rehab in Florida, located in Panama City, counselors will work with us on avoiding harmful or toxic friendships, but recovery is also time to make positive change, and positive friends can help our progress towards that end.

Friendships and Recovery

Why Are Sober Friends Important?

Finding friends can be easy for some and a huge challenge for others. Sober friends can be found at recovery meetings, in recovery-oriented alumni groups online, through social apps where people are discussing recovery, and in the normal course of daily life. It is easier to make friends in recovery as we become more comfortable talking about our own journey, after all, it’s harder to make sober friends if people don’t know about your recovery journey!

Recovery is hard, we know that many fail the first time they try sobriety, and many fail in later tries. Friendship and positive energy is our armor, it protects us when we leave Florida Springs and embark on a different type of life, one that includes a support structure, people to call for help, and people to give that support back to. Supporting friends and showing love to the people around us brings comfort to uncertain times. Walking out of a drug and alcohol rehab center is scary, don’t force yourself to walk alone too long!

Why are “normie” Friends Important?

Some of the best friendships tend to be with people who have successfully recovered from an addiction or are otherwise not addicted to drugs or alcohol. That’s right, in recovery, normies who have never had a substance use problem can show us a different perspective from our sober friends. Just because someone has never been through a substance use disorder themselves, does not mean they will be less engaged with learning about how to help you. There simply may be more to share and explain when making new friends outside of recovery. Those who have successfully recovered from addiction can offer perspective and support based on their own experiences. They will understand many aspects of your recovery better than anyone else ever could. But sharing your own experience is vital as well, and our new friend group and support structure can give us so many rewarding avenues for dialogue and healing! Visit us at, or call the phone number above, to get started on your sober journey at the best drug and alcohol rehab in Florida.

By T.A. Cannon