Quality of Life Across Addiction Recovery

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Quality of Life, or QoL, is a great concept used in medical fields to measure a person’s overall sense of wellbeing. It is especially valuable in the field of alcohol rehab, especially alcohol rehab in Florida. It includes components such as physical and mental health, quality of social relationships, and an individual’s position in life as related to goals or standards. QoL in addiction recovery has become an important focus of recovery research over the last decade. Individuals with substance use disorder that enter into addiction recovery programs routinely report lower levels of QoL at the start of their treatment. However, these levels in patients have been shown to positively improve with time in recovery, according to Adrian Pasareanu, et al, in a 2015 study. This improvement is especially significant in those who cease use of their drug of choice. If you are looking for detox facilities in Florida, particularly in Panama City Beach or Crestview, or the Northwest Florida and Alabama areas, visit us today. Florida Springs Wellness & Recovery Center can provide you with medically supervised detox services and help improve your Quality of Life. Medically supervised detox, including detox facilities like Florida Springs, are the best possible first step in your journey of alcohol rehab in Florida!

Comparison of Quality of Life Across Different Addictions

Last July, a study came out in the UK that compared the Quality of Life (QoL) across a variety of addictions, both before and after addiction recovery. The study authors, including Tessa Corner, looked at addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, and sex, among others. Corner and colleagues measured QoL by having the study participants complete both the PANAS-X affect assessment and the World Health Organization’s Quality of Life questionnaire (WHOQOL-Bref), which allows for comparison of the QoL of addiction recovery patients with the QoL of general population norms.

The study ultimately found that there was improvement in patients’ QoL after recovery across all addictions. It also found that there were “no significant differences between addiction types regarding positive or negative…quality of life” and “no significant differences in…quality of life between individuals with one addiction and those with multiple addictions.” Despite there being no big differences in QoL across varying addictions, the study authors felt that addictions should not be studied in isolation when looking at psychological health during long-term recovery. They recommended that more research should be focused on those with multiple addictions or disorders. This will allow for better informed developments and improvements in addiction recovery treatment.

Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center offers integrated care for those with co-occurring substance use disorders. We encourage continual communication and collaboration of everyone on our recovery teams. This allows for a cohesive wellness-focused treatment plan that addresses all of the patient’s needs.

Importance of Recovery Focused on Quality-of-Life Improvement

Substance use and addiction negatively impact an individual’s Quality of Life (QoL), and this decrease in wellbeing is often the main reason patients seek out addiction recovery and detox facilities in Florida. Increasing patient’s access to treatments that both reduce substance use and improve QoL can lead to a more holistic recovery for patients. Some of these treatments include residential rehabilitation, psychotherapy, peer support, and pharmacotherapy, according to Victoria Manning, et al, in the 2019 article “Improved Quality of Life Following Addiction Treatment is Associated with Reductions in Substance Abuse.” Individuals who have spent five or more years in addiction recovery have been found to have better social relationships, psychological health, and better home environments than those in early recovery, and their QoL continues to improve over time spent in recovery.

As stated at the beginning of this post, many Quality-of-Life improvements are only significant in addiction recovery patients who cease use of their drug of choice. If you are looking to recover from substance use disorder and improve your QoL, get the process started by seeking out detox facilities in Florida. Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, near Crestview and Pensacola, offers medically supervised detox services in a safe and positive environment.

Keep an eye on our blog for future updates and research on Quality of Life and its importance in addiction recovery treatment and research.

By Florida Springs Staff


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