The Causes of Addiction and How to Get Help: Part 2

The Causes of Addiction and How to Get Help

If you read the first part of this 2-part series, hopefully, you have a slightly better understanding of how drug and alcohol dependence disrupts the reward functions of the human central nervous system, the brain in particular. Now that we have briefly discussed the causes of addiction, or substance use disorder, we can now discuss what can be done about addiction. I write on behalf of Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery, a Panama City Florida addiction treatment facility. How does a person know when to ask for help with dependence on drugs and/or alcohol? First, it is a purely personal decision.

I have written on this blog about the warning signs of alcoholism or other substance use disorders, but substance use disorder is almost always a disease that is self-diagnosed and then confirmed by medical professionals. That is because many of the symptoms of substance use disorder will negatively affect the lives of those that suffer from it. This could manifest as the loss of a job, the ending of a personal relationship, major health problems, or major mental health disorders such as depression. Other than the major health problems, many of these other symptoms are more easily assessed by the person suffering from them. A doctor will not have any knowledge about your job performance or personal and familial relationships, so people must come to the realization that they need help for substance use disorder by seeing these signs in themselves first, or trusting loved ones who notice warning signs. There are also philosophical sides to this issue. In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), that program relies on people with substance use disorder realizing that they are powerless over their addictions and seeking help, which is a personal decision and a personal journey. 

The best way to get help for substance use disorder is to talk to a professional. At our Panama City, Florida addiction treatment center, we employ counselors who can take your phone calls any time of day, and without needing any personal information from you upfront, they can discuss the treatment options that might fit your individual situation. Treatment options range from outpatient counseling, all the way to medically supervised detox followed by multiple weeks of inpatient treatment and individual and group counseling. These are some of the proven and effective methods employed at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery, our Panama City, Florida facility, which is well known as one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida or anywhere. Go to the programs page, or give them a call today to speak with a counselor about your individual situation and needs.

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