What is Detox?

What is Detox

If you are a person looking for opiate addiction treatment centers in Florida or anywhere in the country, detoxification will likely be a key step for you to think about. The role of detox in opiate addiction treatment centers is incredibly important. The human brain’s chemical balance is grievously injured by daily opiate use, and for the vast majority of people seeking opiate abuse treatment, daily use is the usual case. Upon entering the detoxification process: evaluation, stabilization, and fostering readiness for treatment are the three fundamental steps. During intake and in the first few minutes at an opiate treatment center, medical personnel works to evaluate the individual needs of clients, especially as it pertains to detoxification. 

What is Detox ?


People entering treatment and people working in the substance abuse field understand that detox is a stressful process for anyone. For alcohol dependent persons, detox is uncomfortable and extremely dangerous. For opiate addicts, the detox process is not dangerous in the same way, but the level of discomfort can reach pure misery. For that reason, the detox phase faced alone and outside of a medical facility, is the nightmare scenario for many people addicted to opioids. Anything that can alleviate the pain and help pass the time spent in detox is of great value. In Florida, most opioid treatment centers have medical options to help patients in that respect.

Medication-assisted treatment can be used to assist you in maintaining long term recovery. As it pertains to the detoxification process, individuals who are addicted to opioids (hydrocodone, oxycodone, heroin, fentanyl, etc.) typically do not die from withdrawal, so it is unlike alcohol and benzodiazepines in that way; however, the symptoms can be grueling, and many feel as if they are going to die. By utilizing buprenorphine or Suboxone, when one begins to feel those dreaded withdrawal symptoms, nurses and physicians can rapidly (within one to 2 hours) help reduce the withdrawal experience to a very tolerable level and can help minimize your cravings as well as the remainder of your withdrawal symptoms in the first few days. That process should sound more inviting for any opioid addict that has ever stopped using cold turkey. A heavy user of opiate drugs who stops cold turkey can experience the most awful version of withdrawal symptoms for more than a week, and they often experience continuing symptoms for a few weeks. For all these reasons, opioid abuse treatment centers are well versed in reacting quickly to an individual’s needs in the first week. As you look at options for opiate addiction treatment, detox is a fundamental first step to keep in mind. 

By Tim Cannon