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Florida Springs drug and alcohol rehab in Panama City is the best option for those looking for medical detox and inpatient rehab. Florida Springs has safe and comfortable facilities, and is accredited by the Joint Commission, the top credentialing agency for medical facilities, hospitals, and drug treatment centers. Florida Springs has residential treatment, also called Inpatient or 30-day care. You can check out photos of our wonderful facilities here. More information is available at our website.

Key Issues Facing Panama City Florida

Availability of opioids:

Florida was always an epicenter for high levels of oxycontin prescribing and heroin use. While this problem was beginning to be addressed several years ago, many people who were addicted to oxycontin and heroin were pushed into black markets, where fentanyl was becoming more of a problem. In 2024, fake prescription pills are a major issue, most containing fentanyl. Fentanyl is the number one substance leading to overdoses in Panama City Florida, and it is present in heroin and pill form.

Access to treatment:

South Florida has more drug and alcohol rehab centers than the Panhandle. Florida Springs is the only top drug and alcohol rehab center in Panama City which is currently highly rated, and accepting Medicaid and commercial insurance. Long waitlists for treatment can also be a barrier for those seeking help at other facilities. There are many frustrating barriers to care at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. Florida Springs is a top Panama City drug rehab center, and we are offering our patients a better way. Call us today to experience the best drug and alcohol care in Florida, right here in Panama City.

High cost of treatment:

Not everyone can afford high quality addiction treatment in Panama City. In fact, costs for the average drug and alcohol treatment in Florida seem alarmingly high to most people. This can be a huge challenge for those in recovery, especially if they lack insurance or have limited financial resources. Of the best alcohol treatment centers in the area, only Florida Springs offers Medicaid plan options and affordable self-pay options. The best panama city rehab is not the most expensive. Call us today for more information on how to start your journey at Florida Springs.

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